Well, its been a busy 6 weeks here at knitCompanion, and clearly the blog has suffered some neglect. I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the interest everyone is showing.  As I think back over the last 6 weeks, things have really changed.  I’ve gone from not knowing what kind of reception knitCompanion would have (did it just seem like a good idea in my head?) to realizing it actually is a great idea!  Along the way, we have hit several very important milestones:

  • Selection of our final designer team so knitCompanion can bring you free patterns already setup.  That means you can try knitCompanion for free and see what it can do before you buy.
  • Completed beta testing.  Thank goodness for our beta testers, their input was invaluable and made knitCompanion so much better.
  • Launched our group on Ravelry.
  • Submission of knitCompanion to Apple for final review (this is the last step to going live!).
  • Another major website update to provide you the best service possible including:
    • FAQ system complete with FAQs
    • Support ticket system
    • Newsletter system and first newsletter delivery
    • Tons of new information about knitCompanion and our designer partners
  • Our first contest and give-away thanks to the good folks (and yaks!) at Bijou Basin.

We’ve also been working really hard to finalize the availability date for knitCompanion.  I know a lot of you are wondering why this is taking so long, but there really is a good reason.  We’ve changed our target release date twice over the last 6 weeks, but instead of delaying as usually happens, we are actually pulling it in! What was August became July and its been steadily moving earlier and earlier in July. The midnight oil has been burning around the clock to make knitCompanion available as early in July as humanly possible.

Because we are pulling the date in, I’ll be sending a special edition of the newsletter out to all who are subscribed when we have a final date.  So don’t wait, subscribe now so you don’t miss the launch!

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