We are doing something new with Tip of the Week!  Starting this week I’ll be putting it here as well as Ravelry, and then it will magically auto-publish to facebook as well.  This is very exciting for the webmaster as it saves him lots of work.

This week’s tip is going to focus on ordering your pieces on the piece bar. By default, as you make pieces, keys, and templates, they are added below the existing items of that type. For templates this really doesn’t matter. If you have several keys, you may want to order them a certain way so that toggling on the main page follows the order you want. But for Pieces, order can be more important. Personally, I like my piece bar on the main page to “flow” from left to right in the order I’m going to knit. Admittedly this doesn’t always work out, but it is generally how I think…finish a piece and move on to the next.

So, what happens if you didn’t create your pieces in the order you want them to show in the piece bar? No worries! You can rearrange pieces, keys and templates easily from the setup page. Just touch where those grabber icons are to the far right of the item and drag that item up or down in the list. You can’t move a type of thing (key, piece, template) out of its section, but you can arrange them in a particular order within a section.

The order for the piece bar will be top to bottom from the setup page translated to left to right on the piece bar.

See this screenshot:

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