This weeks tip, handling errata. Errata happens, so, how do we make adjustments once we’ve setup a pattern in kc?

For charts:
I add a row media for each line of a chart that has errata, that is specific about what to do to correct the error. It is knitter’s choice if you want an audio reminder to auto play when you move to the row. My new favorite system is to mark the stitch(es) affected using a single stitch colored black. The black is 50% opaque, but dark enough to make it clear the stitch has an issue, so I remember when I get to it (even if the row is wide) and can look below for the corrections. (Of course you can use whatever color you like, as long as you know it means errata!) See sample screenshot below for what the black looks like.

For written information, I use highlights, also black, to mark the specific words that need fixing and make a popup text (I use blue for errata, but then again, use what works for you) that has the correction and place it on the piece near the error. popups are found under quick Edit/Annotations. They are like sticky notes for your pieces. They come in 4 colors (so you can color code different types of notes, maybe errata is always a color), and like row media you can have audio or typed instructions. you can place them on your chart. To see their contents, just tap the note and it will open. To close it, just tap the piece behind the note and it will close.

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