In honor of the new 2.1 release we may have more than one tip per week the next few weeks. Make up for my slack over the last few months, lol.

Today, this weeks tip is navigating your Dropbox inside knitCompanion.

First, Dropbox gives all apps that link to it a home. That home is in your Dropbox under a folder(think of a folder as a room) called Apps. knitCompanion’s home is Apps/knitCompanion. In kC’s home, there are three rooms (folders). One is projects, and this is where kC will ALWAYS export a .kcproject to. It is also the default place you will be if you browse your Dropbox for projects. The second room is pdfs and this is a place you can put PDFs if you want. It is also the default place you will be if you browse your Dropbox while making a new project (I.e looking for PDFs). The third room is manifest, and you can think of this as the boiler/furnace room in the back of your basement that you never go into. We put stuff there that it is best you don’t mess with unless you want all those lovely sync flags to get out of step.

Now, we also setup kC so that you can easily leave the “house” that is kC’s home and explore the larger world of your Dropbox. To navigate, you will see some folders that have an up arrow, tap this and move up “up and out” of the room you re in. Some folders don’t have up arrows, tap one of these and you open the door and walk into that room.

The view will always be filtered…you will only be able to see .kcproject or .PDF. And only one of these at a time depending on what task you are doing. If you are browsing for projects you will see any available .kcproject in any room, anywhere in your Dropbox. If you are making a new project, when you browse Dropbox, you won’t see .kcprojects, but you will see all PDFs in any room you go into. You can import PDFs and kcprojects all day long, but kc will only ever export kcprojects. That means you can’t accidentally mess with anything other than kC specific stuff.

Finally, you can move .kcprojects out of your knitCompanion home, into storage (think of a box under the bed). I would only do this when you decide you also want to remove that project from your device, probably because you are done knitting it. Put it somewhere else in Dropbox (or your computer) that will be your “box under the bed” for kcprojects you don’t want to throw away and you might want to use again. (gee, did we just invent a whole new thing to hoard? Thank goodness bytes are smaller than yarn ;)). You can get it anytime..if you leave it in Dropbox, but somewhere outside the knitCompanion home, you can always navigate to it and import it again.

Happy knitting!


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