This week, our tip will again focus on preparation for the new 2.1 update. I’ll be dropping our next newsletter update that will provide detailed information about what is coming in 2.1. It will also have a link and PASSWORD so you can get early access to the PDF version of our new help. This early access will only be available via the newsletter. Once 2.1 is released, the PDF will be available on to all.

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, now is the time!

Also, there are about 33 folks who asked to register, but who never confirmed. Mostly this is because the confirmation email probably went to your junk or spam folder (some systems have multiple layers of protection so you might have several spots to look). To avoid this, you should add to your safe, non-junk senders list.

Later today, my webmaster (aka hubbie) is going to send a new confirmation email out to everyone who is not yet confirmed.

On Tuesday May 8th (later in the day Colorado time) I am going to send a “test” newsletter to all subscribers who are confirmed. If you think your are subscribed but don’t get that test, then try again. Remember, after you subscribe, we send a confirmation email that you have to respond to to really be signed up. (Its an anti-spam thing).

The actual newsletter will come out on Friday May 11th our next newsletter will drop, with all the 2.1 details AND access to the new documentation. Keep in mind the 2.1 documentation won’t match 2.0, it is a sneak peak.


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