Now for tip 2 of the week! This tip is specific for knitCompanion, and how to get at PDFs, either local to knitCompanion or in your Dropbox.

When you go to the current projects page, and look locally or at your Dropbox projects, what you are really doing is looking just for .kcprojects –that is, projects that are setup (or at least created from a PDF even if the pieces aren’t done). So, how do you create a new project using a PDF that is local to kc or in Dropbox? From Current Projects tap New Project. Name the project and tap Choose PDF. Viola, you can browse for PDFs both locally and in your Dropbox.

Alternately, if you have a PDF in your ravelry library, from a website, or in your email and you want to bring it straight into kC without file sharing or Dropbox, just use open in. There is a tip of the week here on this functionality which is provided by apple. The list or apps to open in does scroll, but Remember, if iBooks is installed, apple limits the number of items in the open in list to 10, so if kc (or any other app you want) isn’t showing up that is why. You need to start deleting apps that you don’t want in the list one at. Time and keep checking for kC (or goodreader or whatever app you want to who up).


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