Here at Create2Thrive we use annual subscriptions for all our apps. This is the only option to support a living, sustainable app.

It is important to realize that our apps are not static. They are constantly evolving to adjust to platform updates and add new technology and features.

Subscriptions provide us ongoing revenue to fund upkeep and continuous improvements. They also let us keep your investment low. If you stop knitting or a better app comes along, you can simply move on. This keeps us highly motivated to continue improving our apps, and ensures you have the best app we can make. It puts you, the customer, in a position of leverage because you do not have to make a large up front investment and hope that we stick around to provide support and improvements. You can move on anytime something better comes along without losing a large purchase price. This keeps us motivated to ensure our apps are the best they can be, and we are working hard for you all the time.

We look forward to continuing to make great apps for you and appreciate your ongoing support for our work.