Registration is optional. However if you do not register, your subscription can not be transferred between devices, and it can not be restored after deleting the app or experiencing a device failure.  For these reasons, registration is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

All subscriptions are registered with your Create2Thrive account. This is the same account you use for purchases made on the Create2Thrive website including kCDesigns, kCU Online Classes, and Logo Gear. If you do not yet have an account with Create2Thrive you can sign up.

How to Register
  1. You will be automatically prompted to register when you purchase as well as when you open your first project.
  2. To register anytime:
    1. From the home page (5 big buttons) tap the gear upper right and tap Subscribe/Restore.
    2. Tap Register Subscriptions.
    3. If you see Registered To followed by your email then you are already registered.  The email shown is the one for your Create2Thrive account.


Benefits of Registering
  1. When you register your subscription, you will be able to access it from other iDevices.
  2. If you delete the app or something bad happens to your device, as long as your subscription is registered you’ll be able to restore it once your device is working again.