Starting with kC 3.8 all subscriptions are registered with Create2Thrive. This is the same account used to purchase kCDesigns and classes. Subscriptions, kCDesigns, and classes are now managed with a single Create2Thrive account. The old system for subscription registration is no longer available.

Updating to the new Registration System

  1. On the device with your existing subscription balance:
    1. Update to kC 3.8.x
      • If you already have an account for classes an/or kcdesigns use that account to register subscriptions.
      • If you don’t have an account, sign up for one.
  2. On any additional devices:
    1. Install/update to kc 3.8.x
    2. using the same account as the original device.

View Subscriptions

Once your subscriptions are registered with your Create2Thrive account you can use any web browser to:

  1. View your registration in the My Account section of Create2Thrive. Note that you won’t see your subscriptions in My Account until you update to kC 3.8 and your subscriptions are registered with your Create2Thrive account.
  2. Manage your account. You can change your password and email anytime. Login to manage your account. Note that if you change your email or password you will need to reset the Create2Thrive link in knitCompanion.