Welcome to the Jacobean Square!  Here we’ve partnered with Sharon to provide you step by step setup instructions for the Jacobean Square pattern in knitCompanion.  You don’t need knitCompanion to join the KAL or knit this pattern, but if you’d like to learn knitCompanion this is a great opportunity.  Even if you already know how to use knitCompanion, these setup instructions have done all the hard work for you.

The Jacobean Square Pattern
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Here I’ll provide links to each PDF that details the setup of the pattern in knitCompanion.  I’m going to start the instructions assuming you’ve never used knitCompanion before.  As we advance through the pattern, my instructions will become more brief.  Don’t be scared by the detail in the first PDF, it has a lot in it, and it really is knitters choice how much you want to setup by way of reminders, etc.  Also, your fellow knitters who have used kC some can attest that things get much faster as you go along, so even if setting up your first few pieces takes 30 minutes, you’ll find you get faster and faster all the time.

Jacobean Square_Begin&Chart 1  This PDF outlines setting up your keys, the beginning instructions, and your first chart.  It is complete with everything you could ever want to put in these sections.  The amount of detail you decide to put with your chart 1 is totally up to you.


Jacobean Square Chart 2-4  This PDF outlines the setup instructions for charts 2-4.  We will learn a new technique of stitching multi-page charts together.  And, we will learn a few tips for accommodating this specific pattern.  The instructions start out very verbose for chart 2, and then whittle down to just the specific information needed for each additional chart.