Come along on a Mystery KAL hosted by Laura Nelkin! If you currently use knitCompanion, or want to learn how to use it while knitting a fun and exciting pattern then you are in the right place. While you don’t need to use knitCompanion to participate in the Mystery, this is a great opportunity to do so. We’ve partnered with Laura to provide you step by step setup instructions for the KAL. Each set of instructions will be released at the same time as the associated Clue, so there is no peeking ahead! Even if you already know how to use knitCompanion, these setup instructions have done all the hard work for you.

The Trapeze Mystery KAL Pattern
About Laura Nelkin
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The KAL starts August 17th, 2012.  Reserve your spot today!  Once a clue is released, the setup instructions for that clue will be added to the list below.

Clue One

Clue Two (Clue Two setup instructions begin on page 6)

Clue Three (Clue Three setup instructions begin on page 10)

Clue Four (Clue Four setup instructions begin on page 16)

Clue Six (Clue Six setup instructions begin on page 17)