knitCompanion is so pleased to be working with a great set of designers.  Each of the folks below have contributed one of their patterns to us to include in knitCompanion for free.  That means that there are 5 patterns already setup and ready for you to knit as soon as you install knitCompanion on your iPad.

Please take some time to explore their work, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do.  Three cheers for our designers!

Maude L. Baril

I am born on the side of a lake, live now on the side of the sea; love trees, books and sunny days; speak french; believe in fairies. When I’m not knitting or designing, I try to become a literature teacher.  You can find Maude’s work at

Beth LaPensee

Beth has been knitting for about 7 years and knitting socks for about 5.  In those early years, sock were very intimidating.  However, after getting through some practice socks, Beth learned that there is really nothing to it.  Her design strategy is to find simple ways to create fun and elegant socks.  Beth lives in Dundee, Michigan with her husband and two children.  You can find Beth’s work at

Renee Leverington

Renee learned to crochet at about 7 years old – even designing her own Barbie clothes and accessories. She taught herself how to knit in her early 20’s by making a pair of gloves for her mom; the stitches were a bit tight but the gloves fit! She started designing shawls in 2005 when she decided to run a Mystery Shawl Group. In 2006 she added sock patterns to her knitwear line called “Goddess Knits”. As a natural progression, she began dyeing yarn in late 2009 and now sells her yarn line under the name “Decadently Divine”.  You can find Renee’s work at and also on etsy.

Emily Ross

Emily is a third generation knitter, who has only recently embraced the challenge of designing. She especially loves lace, and is perpetually amazed when a small, unassuming ball of yarn magically transforms into an intricate shawl. Emily and her husband Brian, both active duty military, enjoy combining her knitting vision with his graphic design expertise to create clean, easy to follow patterns. You can find Emily’s work on Ravelry at

Lisa Stichweh

Lisa has been knitting since 2007.  It is now her favorite pass time, having supplanted quilting.  She began designing her own patterns for a Sock Knitter’s Anonymous challenge in 2009.  After that she could not stop being inspired by everything around her.  Lisa’s blog can be found at and her patterns can be found at