Yes, knitCompanion has made it really easy to manipulate your row marker.

  • If you are at the last/top row of your chart and need to do another repeat, just tap the up arrow and your row marker will reposition at the first/bottom row of your chart.  Clicking the down arrow when on the bottom row will move your marker to the top row.
  • If you need to progress through your chart many rows, just tap the row number display between the control arrows on the left of the screen.  The display will turn pink.  Now hitting the arrows will move the row marker 10 rows for every tap.  To set it back to move a single row at a time, just tap the row number display again.
  • If you chart has Smart Counters you can reset them (say to knit a second sock that matches the first).  Just touch and hold on the aggregate row number and pick Reset Chart.

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