How did you come up with the idea?

This idea germinated over several years.  I was using paper patterns at first and then tried to knit from my computer/tablet using a PDF reader.  It was HORRIBLE!  With a PDF reader I could only see one page at a time, so to see a key on a different page I had to flip back and forth.  I couldn’t knit larger charts that spread across pages or were separated in any way without keeping multiple markers and (of course!) forgetting to move each of them on every row.  There were no counters so I was keeping scraps of paper and chicken notes to try and keep count.

knitCompanion was designed to overcome ALL these issues.  Rather than approaching the pattern from the view of a PDF reader, I thought about how I manipulated my paper patterns (looking at two or more pages at a time, cutting and taping charts together, etc).  And then I added dynamic reminders, shaping counters, and other parallel tracking that was never possible even with paper.

And thus knitCompanion was born!

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