How do I make PDFs available for use in knitCompanion?

There are several ways to bring PDFs into knitCompanion.

  1. You can link your knitCompanion to your Dropbox account and then directly import any PDF from your Dropbox into knitCompanion for use with one or more projects.
  2. You can use the “Open In” functionality of iPad.  To do this,on your iPad simply open a PDF in your browser (say from your ravelry library), or your email and then tap “Open In” in the upper left corner and select knitCompanion.  knitCompanion will launch and prompt you for the name of the project you’d like to start.  Please note that the Open In list of apps is scrollable so please scoll to find knitCompanion as it is not always in the first few on the list.
  3. You can sync with iTunes, and put PDFs into knitCompanion’s folder right from your computer.
    1. Hook your device up to your computer and go into iTunes and sync.
    2. Select your device on the right, Apps in the main window, and scroll down to file sharing.  Select knitCompanion.  Files can now be put in the Documents window and be automatically synced to your iPad for use in knitCompanion.  Please refer to the diagram below to see these steps visually.
Diagram showing File Sharing in iTunes:

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