How do I handle multi-pattern PDFs?

knitCompanion has been designed to work with PDFs that are both small and large.  However, many electronic pattern books are 100 pages or more, with many, many patterns in them.  If you added the entire PDF to the project (instead of just the pages you need for the specific project) it can make your .kcproject large and cumbersome to sync with the Cloud.

Never fear, it is easy to select just the subset of pages you need for a project!

1. From the Current Projects Page, tap New Project

2. Tap to pick the PDF that contains the pattern you want to knit

3. Tap the Partial button (instead of select) and then tap to select just the wanted pages.

This will create a project based on a PDF that uses just those pages.  Miss a page?  Don’t worry, under Setup you can easily Append new pages.

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