How do I purchase full kC and know I have the full version?

When you download knitCompanion from iTunes, there is no charge.  You are able to explore and knit the included designer patterns for free, and Quick Start* all the PDFs in your library with our compliments.  If you decide knitCompanion is right for you, and you’d like to use the capabilities of Full knitCompanion for all your PDFs you need to purchase Full knitCompanion.

To do this is simple.  You don’t need to download another app from the store, or go into iTunes on your computer.  Instead, within knitCompanion, just tap Preferences (the gear icon in the upper right of the home page) and then tap Buy Now.  You will be taken to a screen that explains the full functionality (you can also watch our Video Tutorials to learn before you buy). From there, you can tap the button at the bottom to begin the purchase process with Apple.  You will need an internet connection to communicate with Apple, but there is no download associated with the purchase.

You will know you have a purchased copy of kC if you tap that gear icon and see a message that you have Full kC.

If you are putting kC on several devices, you only need to purchase once.  Simply install the free app from the app store, and tap the gear icon on the home page.  Tap Restore and use the same Apple ID as the original purchase (required!).

* Quick Start is a knitCompanion capability that lets you take advantage of basic knitCompanion functionality including a sliding marker for tracking your rows, rotate pages highlights, annotations, you are hear marker, counters and more.  No setup is required and you can start knitting right away!

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