Free knitCompanion
knitCompanion is free to download from the App store.  You are able to explore and knit the included designer patterns for free, and Quick Start* all the PDFs in your library with our compliments.  If you decide knitCompanion is right for you, and you’d like to use the capabilities of Full knitCompanion for all your PDFs you need to purchase Full knitCompanion. Full knitCompanion is available as a time based renewable subscription monthly (30 days) as well as yearly (365 days).  Our subscriptions do not auto-renew so there is no long term commitment or hassle if you decide not to renew.

Before proceeding be sure your knitCompanion version is up to date. See how to update.

Purchasing knitCompanion
To learn some of what Full/Paid knitCompanion can do, see this video. To purchase:

  1. Start knitCompanion.
  2. From the home page (5 big buttons) tap the gear icon in the upper right.
  3. Then tap Purchase/Restore.
  4. You will be taken to the purchase page.
  5. From there, you can select your purchase option.  You will need an internet connection to communicate with Apple, but there is no download associated with the purchase.
  6. We strongly recommend that you register with knitCompanion.

Knowing your Purchase Status
You can see your purchase status by starting knitCompanion.  Tap the gear in the upper right.  You will see one of the following right below your knitter’s name:

  1. A note saying how many days are left on your subscription along with a Purchase/Restore button so you can renew your subscription. If you have a subscription, we strongly recommend you register:
    1. If you see a note that says Subscriptions Registered you are already registered. You will see the username and email used for the registration.
    2. If you see a button that says Register Subscriptions you are not registered.  Tap the button to register with knitCompanion.
  2. No note, and just the Purchase/Restore button.  This indicates you are using the free version of knitCompanion
  3. A note saying Full knitCompanion has been purchased.  This only applies to Legacy customers. 

Restoring Your Purchase
If you are putting kC on several devices or need to restore your purchase follow these steps:

  1. Install the free app from the app store (if not already installed).
  2. Tap the gear icon on the upper right of the home page.
  3. Tap Purchase/Restore
  4. Tap Restore Purchases (bottom center) and select the appropriate option.
  5. Use the same Apple ID or registration as the original purchase (required!).

Please note: While registration is optional, we strongly recommend you register in order to protect your subscription purchases.

* Quick Start is a knitCompanion capability that lets you take advantage of basic knitCompanion functionality including a sliding marker for tracking your rows, rotate pages highlights, annotations, you are hear marker, counters and more.  No setup is required and you can start knitting right away!

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