If you are making a project or cropping a piece and get returned to the desktop, or text is missing from your PDF after you make a project, the first thing is to ensure you are updated to iOS 8.3

See how to update your iOS version

If you double-checked and your device iOS version is 8.3 and you continue to experience issues then you have encountered an unresolved issue with Apple’s PDF support.  Please submit a Support Ticket and provide us the details about the specific pattern name of the PDF you are using.  We will verify the issue and report it to Apple for resolution.

Meanwhile, the good news is there is also an easy work around!

On a PC, use Adobe Reader and a free PDF print driver such as PrimoPDF or CutePDF.

  1. From your PC, open the PDF in question in Adobe.
  2. Tap Print, and then under Advanced select Print as Image.
  3. Select Primo or Cute as your print driver (this will produce a NEW PDF file instead of printing to paper)
  4. Select On Screen viewing as your desired target (this is especially easy in Primo)
  5. Use the new PDF you’ve created with kC and your problem will be solved!

On a Mac, use Automator and optionally a paid app to reduce the size of the PDF.

  1. Open Automator and create a new workflow.
    1. Workflow Step 1: “Get Specified Finder Items” (enter original PDF file here)
    2. Workflow Step 2: “Render PDF Pages as Images” (select 200dpi and maximum compression)
    3. Workflow Step 3: “New PDF from Images” (enter a new name for your regenerated PDF)
  2. Run Workflow.
  3. Optionally, send the resulting PDF to PDF Squeezer to further reduce size (this is a paid app and it will reduce image quality a tad but significantly reduces file size as well.  knitCompanion is not associated with any third party app).
  4. Save Workflow for future use.
  5. Use this new PDF with knitCompanion and your problem will be solved!

On your iPad, you can do so using the following steps:

  1. Take a screenshot of each page of the PDF using your iPad screenshot mechanism
  2. Use an app such as PDFProvider, CamScanner, etc to convert your screenshots (found in your Camera Roll on the device) to PDF.  Please note, knitCompanion is not associated with any third party app mentioned.  Different apps may have different features and different prices.  Please visit our Ravelry Group if you’d like to learn what apps others are using and why.
  3. Use the new PDF you’ve created with kC and your problem will be solved!




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