knitCompanion provides patented* tools for tracking that let you focus on your knitting instead of spending time tracking rows, stitches, counters, and “at the same time” instructions. When you use knitCompanion you knit faster, make fewer mistakes, and don’t lose your spot. Available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (pricing and availability).
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The Designer Series brings pattern e-books to new heights of functionality; all the patterns are setup and ready to knit using the kC Platform, and there are hours of embedded technique videos in every app so knitters can tackle new techniques with confidence.

Join kCUniversity to learn all the tricks to making the most of your knitCompanion! Classes are offered online and are both live and recorded using our webinar system (the same one used for the Intro Webinars).

* Patent 8,529,263 & 8,506,303