NEW! Fingertip Tour  This new addition to the documentation provides an overview of each of the main areas within knitCompanion.  Fingertip tours are also available from the in-app help.

NEW! knitCompanion 3.2 User Guide is completely rebuilt to make it even more informative and easy to use.

The videos below highlight many of the key capabilities of knitCompanion.  We’ve streamlined the topics to make them easy to follow and quick to learn from and organized them into topics. We recommend that you watch them in the highest resolution available to you at your connection speed. To capture these images in HD, we used knitCompanion running on an iPad simulator.  The taps and gestures you see performed by a mouse in these videos would normally be done by your fingers.

Explore knitCompanion®

knitCompanion Overview (a Sami video) (4m 22s)
Knitting with a QuickStart Project (a Sami video) (3m 35s)
Knitting with a Full Project (a Sami video) (3m 41s)
Why Buy knitCompanion? (a Sami video) (3m 25s)
PDFs in knitCompanion (a Sami Video) (3m 51s)
Projects in knitCompanion (a Sami Video) (2m 27s)
Using Stitch Markers (3m 48s)
Using knitCompanion on iPhone and iPod Touch (11m 22s)

Setup knitCompanion®

Leveraging QuickStart – Keys and Cropping Basics (a Sami video) (3m 02s)
Leveraging QuickStart – Charts (a Sami video) (4m 47s)
Cropping (a Sami video) (4m 27s)
Chart Reminders (Row Text and Media) (4m 32s)
One-tap Row Marker for Written Instructions (Text Overlay) (3m 38s)
Basics of Multi-page Pieces (Add Image Basics) (2m 58s)
Multi-part Charts (Add Image Advanced) (4m 04s)
Templates (3m 23s)

Smart Counters

Introduction to Smart Counters (3m 39s)
Basics of Smart Counters (3m 19s)
Stitch Counters (1m 32s)
Row Repeat Counters (1m 54s)
Shaping Counters (4m 44s)